Zellers stores will open in 25 The Bay locations across Canada Pipa News

Zellers stores will open in 25 The Bay locations across Canada

More than two dozen The Bay locations across Canada will soon be home to Zellers stores as the retailer announced more details about its plan to revive the defunct discount brand both online and in physical stores.

The Hudson’s Bay Company says Zellers pop-up stores will open in 25 Bay stores across Canada later this month. At launch, there will be four in British Columbia, three in Alberta, one in Saskatoon and Winnipeg, nine in Ontario, five in Quebec and two in Nova Scotia, but the chain says more could follow.

While the Zellers brand was a household name in Canada for decades, it largely disappeared from the retail landscape in 2011 when Target expanded into Canada and established itself in 220 Zellers locations. Another 64 companies owned by HBC remained in business until 2013, when the discount chain was officially pulled.

While a few locations remained open for a while after Target launched, they eventually closed as well.

While the stores were gone, HBC retained trademark rights to the brand name until at least 2020. The following year, the Montreal Moniz family, who run a small retail empire, attempted to register the Zellers brand name for themselves and open stores under that banner , which led to a legal battle with HBC over trademark infringement.

That lawsuit is ongoing, but HBC hints that it has had plans of its own with the Zellers name for some time now, launching pop-up stores at a small number of Bay locations during the pandemic.

Wednesday’s news is a major extension of those plans. In addition to the 25 brick-and-mortar stores opening soon, HBC will soon launch a full-service online store at Zellers.ca.

“Customers can count on a helpful, playful shopping experience full of low prices day in, day out,” the retailer said in a press release.


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