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Differences with Governor Punjab, Aitchison College Principal Resigns, View Details

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In a significant development, Michael A. Thomson, the principal of Achison College Lahore, a renowned educational institution, has tendered his resignation amid conflicts with Punjab Governor Balighur Rehman over the remission of fines for the children of a federal minister.

Sources indicate that Thomson’s decision to resign stemmed from disagreements with the Punjab Governor regarding the pardoning of fines. In a letter addressed to the staff, Thomson expressed his resignation and highlighted the importance of maintaining integrity in educational institutions, stating that nepotism and political interference have no place in schools.

In his letter, Thomson emphasized the college’s efforts to uphold its reputation while lamenting the detrimental impact of policy changes that prioritize the interests of a few individuals. He criticized the governance system, asserting that partisan actions from the Governor’s House have compromised effective management.

Thomson’s resignation underscores the rare intervention experienced by a successful educational institution like Achison College. He cited the breakdown of the governance system as the primary reason for his decision to step down, emphasizing that his departure on April 1st is not linked to admissions.

The resignation of Michael A. Thomson raises concerns about the potential ramifications for Achison College and highlights the broader issue of political influence in educational institutions.

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