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If the team fights and loses, then I will take the responsibility, if it flat out loses Mohsen Naqvi spoke openly.

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Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board, Mohsin Naqvi, said that I have the same desire from my team as the fans, if they lose by fighting, I will take responsibility, if they lose on the plain, then we will see.

Chairman PCB Mohsin Naqvi said that many new players have come to the team this season and many have come back from retirement, the desire is to win the series from New Zealand, there is hope that the performance will be better in the future, he said inexperienced. We have taken these decisions, everyone in the selection committee has authority, time will tell how different the changes made by Mohsen Naqvi that the case of women cricketer Shawal Zulfikar was also given by the panel in medicine. the report of the Shawwal fast bowler also comes with Ehsanullah, he said that the problems are everywhere, now the team is united and strong.

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