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GM Syngenta Promotes Smart Agriculture To Tackle Climate Change, Improve Farmers’ Productivity

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Zeeshan Haseeb Baig, General Manager of Syngenta Pakistan, has underscored the importance of a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to tackle food insecurity, enhance agricultural productivity, and promote sustainable agriculture, areas where Syngenta Pakistan is at the forefront.

In an interview with PTV News Channel, Baig highlighted the emergence of smart farming, emphasizing the role of digital technology in analyzing weather patterns, monitoring crop growth, optimizing irrigation practices, and conserving groundwater resources.

Baig stressed the need to make agriculture climate-smart by adopting integrated strategies to address the challenges posed by increasing global population, land degradation, and carbon emissions. He outlined Syngenta’s commitment to achieving sustainable higher productivity, ensuring food security, adapting to climate change, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Integrated farming, Baig noted, holds significant promise in making farmers climate-smart by diversifying crops on the same land and promoting sustainable resource management practices.

Baig called for collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors to promote livelihood improvement through integrated farming for climate-resilient agriculture. He emphasized the importance of incorporating traditional knowledge and the micro-finance approach to support small-scale producers.

Highlighting Syngenta’s global initiatives, Baig emphasized their commitment to providing farmers with innovative solutions, from yield-enhancing technologies to sustainable agronomic advice aimed at harnessing the power of nature.

Baig expressed optimism about promoting innovation and smart agricultural technologies in Pakistan through international exchange and cooperation.

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